The Lady Behind the Menu

Smarel “Nicole” Brown is not only a raw food chef/holistic health coach but also a chef of dreams. At the age of 15 Smarel was given her first opportunity to help her local community by becoming a Youth Advisory Board President. Along with a team of other youth they organized canned food drives, mentor programs & afterschool activities for the inner-city youth of Kansas City Missouri. During her youth she devoted time to working in non-profit organizations & exploring her creativity.

In 2007 Nicole relocated to Charleston South Carolina. After a few life transitions Nicole became more concerned with the holistic aspect of living and felt the need for it in Charleston but more importantly for her self. When asked about being a “vegan”. Nicole replied, “For me its not ALL about what you eat or don’t eat, its about living a holistic lifestyle and my diet changed for the worst when my life seemed to be at its lowest. I made a decision to change my perspective on my life entirely and that included my diet. I choose to eat what makes me feel good, not being able to digest certain foods with out drinking Perrier was not the life for me.”

After months of research and listening to her body Nicole decided to adapt to a plant based diet. She also is conscious of what she puts into her mind,  social  & emotional wellbeing. Nicole  stated that her passion is to help others figure out what works best for them and assisting them in reaching their own truth & potential.To live holistic is to live abundantly in all areas of your life.  Nicole can usually be found making juices or working with clients where she is the “Lady Behind the Menu”, at Dellz Vibez  the first juice bar of downtown Charleston South Carolina. When Nicole is not at Dellz Vibez or assisting at other Dellz locations she spends her time: writing, meditating, traveling, researching, trying new food, salsa dancing or searching for new ways to be inspired.

“Life is about becoming the best version of yourself possible and I am a true believer of not conforming to the opinion of others just to feel “safe. “Be you, live fearlessly and chase dreams no matter how crazy they seem…theres nothing more freeing then living life to your fullest potential, and aspiring others to do the same.”

 Smarel Nicole can be reached by email : or 843.577.8900.

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